Saturday September 30 2017
Street Survival Teen Driving School

The KC BMW Club will be hosting another Street Survival Car Control Clinic on Saturday, September 30th

The school is open to all licensed drivers of any kind of car.  The class is limited to drivers 15 (with learners permit) to 21 years of age.

What is it? Street Survival is a program run nationally by the BMW Charitable Foundation and sponsored by Tire Rack. The program began as a way to help teenage drivers avoid accidents. It is now open to all ages and has become popular nationally with all kinds of drivers. Even some law enforcement agencies send all their officers to the school. The school doesn't teach the basic drivers-education type stuff- its focus is on learning and practicing emergency car control in your own vehicle.

If a child runs out in front of your car, are you prepared to make some emergency driving decisions? If you accidentally go too fast around a wet corner do you know how to safely correct the slide and keep going? Normally these skills are only learned by wrecking! At Street Survival we will tell you how to handle your car in those situations, and then practice with you until it is a habit. It is easy and lots of fun. You will absolutely positively finish the day better prepared for an emergency.

The school is only $75.  This is a non-profit event run exclusively by volunteers.

Enroll now- this is first come- first serve! 30 student maximum.

Enroll here:

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